This is basically a placeholder

So, my official author website is pathetically out of date and I desperately need to fix it.  I’ve decided to migrate to a WordPress site and so Haddayr is giving me a WordPress lesson this morning.

Of course, that meant I needed to set up a site and now I have a WordPress site and if you stumble across it it’s going to look sort of unfinished. Because it is. Back in the day, like, 1998, when I was first doing web pages, you’d put this SUPER SUPER DORKY “Under Construction!” image and I actually totally remember telling people, “Don’t do this! WE KNOW IT IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION.”  In fact, web pages are inherently under construction at all times; that’s the point.

I promise this will be a respectable site soon. In the meantime, you can leave a comment saying hi so I know people are finding the blog, but if you point out that I ought to put in links to stories or books or anything you’re just being a snot.


7 thoughts on “This is basically a placeholder

  1. You should include with this a date after which pointing out unfinished bits is socially acceptable; either that, or I suppose a follow-up “open for business” post, though the advantage of a date trigger is that it puts some small pressure on you to not just let it languish.

    Also, cross-posting to Goggle+ FTW.

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