I’m attempting a fundraiser…

My daughter Molly is part of a group of Urban 4-Hers who’ve been raising money for a trip to Washington DC since last summer: they sold water and soda at the county fair, they raked leaves, they ran a (really amazing) haunted house at Halloween, and sold nuts and other goodies.

They are getting down to the wire; they have raised $5,500 but still need $1,500. If you click over to the GoFundMe site, you’ll see a picture of the group.

To support the trip, I’m offering Tuckerizations (your name inserted into one of my stories) as well as custom-written short stories (you can pick theme, character, whatever it is you want. If you want fanfic and it’s not one of my fandoms, however, my knowledge of the fandom may be based on what I can glean from Wikipedia.) You can also get custom-written short stories or sonnets from Molly, or a Manga-style portrait of yourself.

Or, if you’re feeling really flush and have always envied Minneapolis and St. Paul for the incisive election commentary they get from yours truly every fall — you can donate $500, and I’ll do a write-up of YOUR district for the next election.

Anyone who donates $5 or more can get a copy of the sonnet Molly wrote on why haikus are a better poetic form than sonnets.

Thank you for reading and passing it along, even if you can’t donate!

Again, the fundraiser is here: http://www.gofundme.com/nem210


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