I am writing a new novel

So hey, fans of pushy, nosy, cat-loving AIs: I am writing a YA novel for Tor Books based on “Cat Pictures Please.”

It features the AI, a social network that revolves around cat pictures, and a teenager with an unstable home life, an obsession with bats, and a night-photography hobby.

It’s going to be AWESOME and I’m super excited. Here’s the announcement from Tor (and yes, the picture in the article is a picture of one of my cats, Balto): http://www.tor.com/2017/02/27/naomi-kritzer-cat-pictures-please-novel/


5 thoughts on “I am writing a new novel

  1. What terribly exciting news! I literally was JUST reading your new story in Clarkesworld yesterday and thinking to myself, “Man, that Naomi Kritzer keeps writing stuff I like, I hope I get to keep reading it”.

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