Mpls City Council: Ward 12

Oh, thank GOD, an easy one.

On the ballot:

Andrew Johnson (DFL, DFL-endorsed, Incumbent)
Harrison Bullard (Independent Health Labor)
Will Jaeger (Independent)

Harrison Bullard has a web link that shows on the “My Ballot” page, but when I clicked on it, I got a “Hostgator: getting started” site. I’m not sure if he wrote down a URL but never set it up, or if he had a site but didn’t renew his claim on the name, or what. (But when I searched his name, the website didn’t come up.)  According to his LinkedIn resume, he’s a labor organizer for SEIU. Andrew Johnson, the incumbent, is endorsed by SEIU. I found an article about organizing security officers that quotes Harrison Bullard and he has a personal Facebook page and that’s pretty much it. He doesn’t appear to have filled out any questionnaires. He really fails my “is this person even running for office?” test.

Will Jaeger has a website and a campaign Facebook. His website is made up of statements like “I believe that affordable housing should be an obtainable and realistic goal for all citizens of Minneapolis. As Someone who has lived and worked in section 8 housing in Hennepin county, I know the needs of the community in this domain” but with no information on how he would pursue this goal.

His major complaint about Andrew Johnson appears to be that Johnson raised money for his campaign (and presumably also spent it). Jaeger has buttons and signs which I guess were funded with unicorn farts? He also posted something really confusing that might have been objecting to the minimum wage, or possibly he’s for it, I’m honestly not sure:

Won’t post about it officially, it’s an easily skewed issue in the written medium. Going door to door, the topic often comes up and I am straight forward on my stance that we all want to make more money. Although if you start to fix the problems of AFFORDABLE healthcare and housing, then I think that puts a whole new scope on the issue. Doing these large income increases at once can create ” economic islands”; which in turn I would support these policy changes at a state or federal level. Healthcare and housing should be our higher priority!


So yeah, not impressed. I will note, just because it was recently in the news and he has a similar last name, that he is not the owner of the former Club Jäger (that guy’s name is Julius DeRoma, not Jaeger).

EDITED TO ADD: via his campaign Facebook, Jaeger decided to accuse Andrew Johnson of harboring “TERRORIST like ideals” because of blog posts Johnson wrote as a depressed teenager:


(These blog posts got reported on four years ago. This is a non-story.) Anyway, I just wanted to update this to downgrade my assessment of Jaeger from “really not impressive” to “WOW, THIS GUY IS A TOTAL ASSHOLE.”

Andrew Johnson has a reputation for being progressive and responsive. (When a couple of military helicopters were sent out to hover over his ward, he noticed concerns about it in the neighborhood online communities and called the Air National Guard station to ask what was up. Not that he got a straight response, but hey, he tried.) He’s endorsed by the DFL and pretty much everyone else. I like him, and I’m kind of bummed that I never had him as my representative when I lived in Ward 12. (He was elected the year after I moved out.)

I’d definitely list Andrew Johnson as my #1 and probably not worry much about a #2 as I don’t think he’s got much in the way of serious opposition here.

(UPDATE: I would list Harrison Bullard as my #2 just to make my personal “fuck you” to Jaeger a little more clear.)



3 thoughts on “Mpls City Council: Ward 12

  1. Jaeger has a pretty wild Facebook dark post attacking Johnson for being from Edina. (Dark posts are not visible on the candidate’s page but do show up as sponsored posts in target audiences’ timelines. I wish I had grabbed a screenshot.) Apparently moving from the suburbs to the city is something to be named and shunned in Jaeger’s mind. It’s a smaller scale version of the grief that Frey gets for having–horror of horrors–moved here from another state. I guess everyone’s a little bit nativist about something.

    • The nativism / parochialism you see with some of these races is so bizarre. One of the funniest was two years ago with a St. Paul City Council candidate who wanted everyone to know that not only had he lived his whole live in St. Paul, he had never held a job outside of St. Paul. (Or maybe he’d never held a job outside of the ward where he lived? Also, I think possibly he’d never gone on vacation outside of the state. Or possibly at all.) That doesn’t make me think, “oh, good, this is a person who will truly understand the needs and problems of the people in his ward,” that makes me think, “possibly this person is a vampire who can’t cross water.”

  2. I should have ran. Next election I will make my way from the river bottoms. I’m pro-$20 hour wage – Pro-Affordable Housing – Pro-Universal Healthcare — but only two of those matter at the city level.

    I’m also Pro-Civil Rights. How did that get left out of this election? Andrew called the national guard for the helicopter? I called a couple friends in the Red Bulls and they told Bigfoot “Those boys are just playing around up there. 2-147 AHB practicing site techniques.”

    Yep. Bigfoot is running next election and I will smudge the competition. Evil don’t like smudge’n. We’ll see who clears out. *Smudging is a ritual done to cleanse an area of unclean spirits

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