Elections 2018: US Representative, District 4

There’s a primary here, but not much of one; I figure I can knock this one out before I go to bed.

On the ballot:

Muad Hassan
Reid Rossell
Betty McCollum

Muad Hassan

Muad Hassan has a campaign site but it doesn’t say a whole lot. “He is a firm believer that with the right resources and tools, one can become a successful and contributing citizen. It is his priority to equip people in the Twin Cities with adequate support and advocacy.” His campaign updates page is blank, his events page mentions two events in May, and his campaign Twitter consists of a single Tweet in April saying “No Comment.”

Reid Rossell

No campaign website at all. His Instagram has a picture of the ballot and mentions he’s running for congress. He owns a business restoring wood in old houses, and although I’m definitely not going to vote for him for congress, I would totally hire him if I had a house with beautiful woodwork that had gotten painted some decades back and I wanted it restored. Reading him talking about how he refinishes floors made me want to get my floors refinished just so I could have him do it.

Betty McCollum

Betty McCollum is fine. She has all the stances I want to see on pretty much everything, an F rating from the NRA (she brags about that on her site), and she can be expected to coast to victory from her very safe seat in St. Paul.

Edited to add: one of my readers ran into Reid Rossell at an event, and his complaint about Betty was that she’s not mad enough about Trump. I’d like to address this, because that’s also underlying some of the Painter-Smith race.

When a white man gets angry, he’s respected more and his opinions are taken more seriously. When a woman gets angry, she’s respected less and people use words like “shrill” and “hysterical.” And when a black person gets angry they’re likely to be treated as a threat. The ability to show the sort of performative anger that Reid is demanding is literally a privilege reserved for white males. (Here’s a write up of a study comparing the reaction to anger in women to anger in men.)

I do not actually think what Congress desperately needs right now is More White Men. And I’m pretty sure Betty McCollum is plenty angry about Trump.



5 thoughts on “Elections 2018: US Representative, District 4

  1. One of McCollum’s strengths that often flies under the radar is that she’s one of the toughest critics in Congress of US support for the abuses of the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories. That’s a politically nuclear issue and it takes some guts to stand up on it, even if it isn’t always very visible to people who aren’t tuned in to Israel politics. I think she’s a valuable voice in the House, not just a good-enough Democrat.

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