Elections 2018: Ramsey County Commissioner, District 5

My husband helpfully pointed out that I’d forgotten to write up this race and we’re voting in it.

I’d forgotten to write it up because while there’s a primary, it’s Rafael Ortega vs. two not particularly serious candidates.

On the ballot:

Rafael E. Ortega
Charles S. Barklind
James Jaeger

Rafael E. Ortega

Former executive director of CLUES, licensed social worker, has represented this district since 1994 (when he became the first member of a minority group to be elected to the Ramsey County Board), and apparently helped make the site-clean-up happen in the Victoria Park site that later became Sholom Home East. Here’s his East Metro Voter’s Guide questionnaire.

I mean, he’s competent and transit-oriented and I like him fine, and I don’t feel like I need to do particularly in-depth research here because he’s fine and his opponents don’t really bring much to the table.

James Jaeger

Jaeger set up a campaign Facebook page but hasn’t really made a case for himself on it, other than pointing people to the East Metro Voter Guide questionnaire that he filled out and having friends tell him he’d be awesome. He’s in favor of better transit but doesn’t seem to know much about the actual proposals on the table for the Twin Cities. He touts his experience in private industry but doesn’t tell you what it is. (He’s in Marketing.)

Charles Barklind

The post I wrote about him four years ago was the sixth hit when I googled his name and “Ramsey County” from an incognito window and I’m pretty sure what I said four years ago is generally still accurate. Still no website. This is not someone who’s actually running for office.



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