Election 2020: Minnesota Senate, District 64

If you were thinking to yourself, “self, there are many interesting races this year, but for which office is local perennial freakshow Sharon Anderson running?” I am here with your answer: she’s running to be my State Senator. Fortunately, I am not super worried about her winning. Here’s who’s on the ballot:

Erin Murphy (DFL)
Sharon Anderson (Republican)
Patricia Jirovec McArdell (Legal Marijuana Now)

Patricia does not have a website. In an article from last year in which the chair of the Legal Marijuana Now party says that he doesn’t want his candidates running against incumbent Democrats who support marijuana legalization, Patricia is quoted as saying, “I believe that my running in this is something that will get these conversations going so that I can ask questions and have the rest of the candidates state their position on it, and to get the conversation more normalized out in public.” Note: Erin is not an incumbent, but the previous state senator, Dick Cohen, was a supporter of marijuana legalization. So is Erin.

I feel like Sharon Anderson’s completely incoherent blog is summed up pretty well by her response to the question “Please provide a brief bio highlighting experience and accomplishments that qualify you to be the next State Senator in your district”:

Sharon Anderson was born in Braham, Minnesota. She attended the University of Minnesota for her real estate license
        Self taught Blogger over 100 plus Forensic Files, pdf pics,unabated by Officials.
St.Paul Home Town, Homegrown Legal Research Analyst,tracking City Hall over 40 yrs.Similarily Situated Homeowners,Seniors,Disable and Vunerable who cannot Speak or Fight4themselves. Sharon must Educate the Public on Sharia Law, DFL liberal Socialism,Antifa,contrary to USA Constitution.

Sharon’s website in the past has included rants about “Muslins” (yeah, she spells it like the fabric) and antisemitic conspiracy theories.

Edited to add: Sharon left a case for herself over on my post about the school board race. I did not approve it, but here’s a screen shot:

Sharon Anderson (@Sharon4Anderson) commented on Election 2020: Saint Paul School Board: Sharons Senate 64 Campaign centers around its OK to be White

(“Sharons Senate 64 Campaign centers around its OK to be White.” Good to know, Sharon. Everyone else: DON’T VOTE FOR SHARON.)

Erin was a State Rep for many years, then ran for governor, losing to Tim Walz in the primary. I like Erin a lot. If you live in MN 64, you should definitely vote for Erin Murphy.

If you’ve read all the way to the bottom: I took the time to look over on Donors Choose for some Minneapolis public school teachers who could use some financial help during These Difficult Times and in particularly with distance learning. Because stuff, amazingly, KEEPS GETTING FUNDED I’ve created a page that hopefully I can just update with new projects if needed and you can find it here: https://naomikritzer.com/2020/09/29/donors-choose-fundraising-update-2/

(I don’t have a patreon or a ko-fi but I take a lot of satisfaction from seeing projects fund after I point people at them. Please donate!)



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