Election 2021: Minneapolis City Council, Ward 12

There are three candidates on the ballot for Ward 12 City Council.

Nancy Ford (No Political Party or Principle)
Andrew Johnson (DFL)
David Rosenfeld (Socialist Workers Party)

tl;dr vote for Andrew Johnson.

Nancy Ford (No Political Party or Principle)

When you fill out your affidavit of candidacy, you have the option of writing in your political party or principle, so “DFL” or “Republican” or “Lower Taxes” or “Beware of Clowns.” (You’re limited to three words.) My assumption was that Nancy wrote in “No Political Party or Principle” in response to the question, but no — she seems to have left it blank. I had not realized you HAVE to have something in parenthesis next to your name on the ballot, and it’s pretty funny that normally you get three words but if you leave it completely blank you get five. (Edited to add: okay, on the actual ballot nothing shows up by her name — it’s the “My Ballot” page, which has links to everyone’s website, that says NO POLITICAL PARTY OR PRINCIPLE by her name.)

Anyway. Nancy is the owner of Repair Lair, a business I’m fond of and have used on occasion. I’m a lot less impressed by her politics than her zipper repair skills. On public safety, she supports “using resources we currently have in place, such as Office of Police Conduct Review (OPCR) for civilian oversight of police” — resources that have not worked at all. She doesn’t like the 2040 plan on the grounds that it “specifically targets single-family homes for demolition by developers” (it doesn’t, and we’re not going to fix the deficit of homeownership by restricting lots to single-family homes). And her environmental policy is entirely about littering.

I would absolutely not rank Nancy. I’ll probably keep shopping at her business, though.

David Rosenfeld (Socialist Workers Party)

As is standard among Socialist Worker candidates, David links to the website for the Militant, the Socialist Worker newspaper, which currently features articles about the recent hurricane, the Nabisco strike, and a mining strike in Alabama. Digging around, I did find a profile of him on Kare11’s site, where he said his primary goal was “to advance the building of a leadership that will educate and organize the working class in order to establish a workers and farmers government, which will abolish capitalism in the United States and join in the worldwide struggle for socialism.”

I prefer to see meaningful short-term, Minneapolis-specific goals from City Council candidates. He did not have anything. That said, if you are annoyed at Andrew and want to list someone else first, he’s less likely to cause harm than Nancy Ford.

Andrew Johnson (DFL)

I like Andrew Johnson, I think he’s done a generally good job, and I really appreciate that his campaign website includes a specific page of information about the Public Safety charter amendment. If I still lived at my old address, I would unhesitatingly vote for him.

I would list Andrew Johnson #1, and leave the other slots blank. (There is no scenario where Andrew gets dropped from the ballot and your votes will be needed to decide whether Nancy or David gets the seat.)

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I do not have a Patreon or Ko-Fi, but you can make a donation to encourage my work! I get a lot of satisfaction watching fundraisers I highlight getting funded. My readers have now bought a refrigerator for the school nurse at Olson Middle School, and outfitted some 8th grade Algebra students with binders to stay organized. Here are some other worthwhile fundraisers for high-poverty Minneapolis and Saint Paul schools:

An art teacher at Andersen United middle school is starting a ceramics program and needs a pug mill to recycle dried out clay back into usable clay. (Over time, they’ll save a lot of money on clay if they have this!)

A Technology teacher at Humboldt High School in St. Paul would love to have a 3D printer for his students, who learn to design things in their classes and with this printer will be able to create actual prototypes.


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