Election 2021: Minneapolis Ward 8

This one’s super easy. On the ballot:

Andrea Jenkins
Bob Sullentrop

Your options:

  1. A progressive woman who is basically the one candidate endorsed by both progressive organizations/individuals and conservative organizations/individuals:

2. A “law-and-order supporter” whose website, until yesterday, called him an Endorsed Rublican.

(I had my own screen shot but alas failed to save it before I needed to use my snipping tool to copy out text from that 2009 news story about Grimes and her then-boyfriend building a houseboat to try to go from Minneapolis to New Orleans, and making it all the way to slightly downstream Minneapolis. Here’s the 2009 news story about Grimes, since undoubtedly someone will read this and assume I made this up.)

Sullentrop ran four years ago for Park Board At-Large and I wasn’t impressed then, either. He’s got about the same expertise on major issues now as he had then. He’s also clearly not paying a whole lot of attention to his campaign.

Vote for Andrea Jenkins.

Did you know that I had a book released this April? Chaos on CatNet is a sequel to Catfishing on CatNet and takes place in a future Minneapolis. Signed copies are usually available from Dreamhaven and from the current mail-order-only incarnation of Uncle Hugo’s. Books make great holiday gifts, but should be ordered early this year — Tubby & Coo’s bookstore explains why.

I do not have a Patreon or Ko-Fi, but you can make a donation to encourage my work! I get a lot of satisfaction watching fundraisers I highlight getting funded. My readers have now bought a refrigerator for the school nurse at Olson Middle School, outfitted 8th grade Algebra students at Olson Middle School with binders to stay organized, bought a 3-D printer for students at Humboldt high school in St. Paul, equipped a classroom at Whittier with an air purifier, and bought a pug mill (a clay mixer that allows you to reuse dried-out clay) for art students at Andersen United. Here are some other worthwhile fundraisers for high-poverty Minneapolis and Saint Paul schools:

The North High School librarian would like copies of We Are Not From Here for students to read in 9th grade English class.

A teacher at Green Central Elementary would like a book/curriculum set that covers “themes such as racism, cultural identity, homelessness, immigration, gender and sexuality, and social activism.” (Your conservative aunt on Facebook who scaremongers about “critical race theory” would keel over in horror at this one.)

A first-year teacher at Bryn Mawr would like a variety of classroom supplies, including individual dry-erase boards, a big easel, a classroom rug, a selection of books, and some educational games.

Elementary teachers at Lucy LaneyJefferson, and two at Folwell, would like help providing a mid-morning snack to their students.

Two science teachers at Washington Technology high school in St. Paul would like learning materials for their chemistry classes: glassware and microscopes, and equipment that will allow students to “see how adding nanoparticles to a conductive solution affects voltage.”

And a different kind of school fundraiser:

Kaytie Kamphoff is a special education resource teacher at Patrick Henry High School and the co-director/producer of Henry Drama Club. (Christopher Michael is her co-director and their full-time theater and dance teacher.) She initially asked for funds on Twitter just so the Henry Drama Club could stage a couple of plays this year. Ms. Kamphoff has now set her sights higher: she’s hoping to raise enough to run a summer theater program for Northside kids, free for participants, paid for the recent grads/Drama Club alums who work. You can donate to her by Venmo or Paypal: Venmo is Henry_DC and PayPal is Kaytie.Kamphoff@gmail.com. Note “Henry Drama Club” in the memo and if Paypal insists you need the last four digits of her phone number, it’s 5548.

Her Twitter thread is solidly worth reading if you’d like some heartwarming stories of the transformational power of theater in the lives of high school students.


2 thoughts on “Election 2021: Minneapolis Ward 8

  1. I’m confused by “rublican”. What the hell is “rublican”? And does it have something to do with those kids who tried to make a motorized Huck Finn boat and float down the river in that Strib article? Help!

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