Election 2021: Sample Ballot/Index of Posts

Saint Paul

(Saint Paul gets to be first because it’s so much less scrolling for the other city than if it’s the other way around.)

Mayor: Melvin Carter

School Board (regular term): Jim Vue, James Farnsworth, Halla Henderson (although I think Uriah Ward is also fine)

School Board (special election): Jeannie Foster (although I think Clayton Howatt is also fine)

City Question 1 (St. Paul Rent Control): No.


Mayor: Sheila Nezhad/Kate Knuth or Kate Knuth/Sheila Nezhad. Don’t rank Jacob. Info on possible third ballot choices here.

City Council Ward 1: Elliott Payne.

City Council Ward 2: #1 Cameron Gordon, #2 Robin Wonsley Worlobah.

City Council Ward 3: Steve Fletcher.

City Council Ward 4: Phillippe Cunningham.

City Council Ward 5: #1 Jeremiah Ellison, #2 Kristel Porter, #3 Suleiman Isse.

City Council Ward 6: Damned if I know.

City Council Ward 7: #1 Nick Kor, #2 Teqen Zéa-Aida.

City Council Ward 8: Andrea Jenkins.

City Council Ward 9: Jason Chavez.

City Council Ward 10: Katie Jones/Aisha Chughtai or Aisha Chughtai/Katie Jones.

City Council Ward 11: Jeremy Schroeder.

City Council Ward 12: Andrew Johnson

City Council Ward 13: #1 Mike Norton, #2 Kati Medford.

Board of Estimate and Taxation: #1 Pine Salica, #2 Samantha Pree-Stinson, #3 Steve Brandt.

Park Board At-Large: #1 Tom Olsen, #2 Londel French, #3 Alicia D. Smith.

Park Board District 1: Billy Menz.

Park Board District 2: #1 Eric Moran, #2 Mike Shelton.

Park Board District 3: Becky Alper.

Park Board District 4: Jono Cowgill.

Park Board District 5: Steffanie Musich.

Park Board District 6: #1 Risa Hustad, #2 Cathy Abene, #3 Barb Schlaefer.

City Question 1 (Strong Mayor): No.

City Question 2 (Public Safety) (second post here): Yes.

City Question 3 (Rent Control): Yes.

In addition to writing political commentary, I write science fiction and fantasy. My book that came out in April, Chaos on CatNet, takes place in a future Minneapolis (and includes scenes of my imagined future of public safety). It’s a sequel to Catfishing on CatNet and signed copies of both books are usually available from Dreamhaven and from the current mail-order-only incarnation of Uncle Hugo’s.

I do not have a Patreon or Ko-Fi, but you can make a donation to encourage my work! I get a lot of satisfaction watching fundraisers I highlight getting funded. Some that are worth your consideration:

In Minneapolis:

A first-year teacher at Bryn Mawr would like a variety of classroom supplies, including individual dry-erase boards, a big easel, a classroom rug, a selection of books, and some educational games.

A middle school teacher at Andersen would like to provide her students with some manga they’ve requested; they currently don’t have a media center, and students rely on classroom libraries for books.

A second-grade teacher at Folwell would like to provide her students with graphic novels in both Spanish and English. (A large percentage of her students speak Spanish at home.)

In Saint Paul:

A science teacher at Washington Technology high school in St. Paul would like to provide electronic balances and voltmeters so that his Chemistry students can see “how adding nanoparticles to a conductive solution affects voltage.”

Crossroads Elementary needs a large stock of disposable face masks. (This doesn’t seem like something you should have to fundraise for, does it? but apparently it is.)

And a Head Start teacher would like snowpants, mittens, and hats for her students to wear to play outside in the winter!

And a different kind of school fundraiser (again, in Minneapolis):

Kaytie Kamphoff is a special education resource teacher at Patrick Henry High School and the co-director/producer of Henry Drama Club. (Christopher Michael is her co-director and their full-time theater and dance teacher.) She initially asked for funds on Twitter just so the Henry Drama Club could stage a couple of plays this year. Ms. Kamphoff has now set her sights higher: she’s hoping to raise enough to run a summer theater program for Northside kids, free for participants, paid for the recent grads/Drama Club alums who work. You can donate to her by Venmo or Paypal: Venmo is Henry_DC and PayPal is Kaytie.Kamphoff@gmail.com. Note “Henry Drama Club” in the memo and if Paypal insists you need the last four digits of her phone number, it’s 5548.

Her Twitter thread is solidly worth reading if you’d like some heartwarming stories of the transformational power of theater in the lives of high school students.


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