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Latest News

Freedom's Sisters has been released. This completes the Dead Rivers Trilogy begun with Freedom's Gate and Freedom's Apprentice.

An interview is up at Raising WEG. I discuss the writing process, the recent trilogy, and my current project. There are no major spoilers.

My writers group, The Wyrdsmiths, published a second chapbook in 2006 called New Wyrd. You can order copies from DreamHaven Books. If for some reason that link doesn't work, go to the DreamHaven Books main page and search for New Wyrd. The chapbook contains short stories and novel excerpts by all the members of the Wyrdsmiths. We are also selling copies of our 2005 chapbook Tales From The Black Dog. We're selling this one ourselves for 6.00 (plus $1.44 for shipping and handling) via our email account wyrdsmiths <at> gmail <dot> com. If you would like your copy signed by me (or by all the contributors) please make note of that in your request. (It may not be possible to obtain signatures from everyone.) Unfortunately, we don't have a fancy online store set up, so you need to send us a check. We promise that we'll send you a chapbook in return.

The Wyrdsmiths have started a writing blog. Most of the members of the group are contributing.