MarsCon schedule

Marscon is this weekend. If you live in the Twin Cities and find Convergence fun but have never been to Marscon, you should check it out. If you live in the Twin Cities and quit coming to Convergence because it’s too crowded, you should come to Marscon because it’s like a much smaller version of Convergence.

Here’s my schedule, if you want to find me:

Friday 04:00 pm
How Come Nobody’s Heard Of Me, Dammit!!
Room 419 (Krushenko’s)
Let’s figure out all the things we did wrong!
With: Lyda Morehouse, Naomi Kritzer, mod.; Bruce Bethke, Rachel Gold, Michael Merriam

Friday 09:00 pm
Costuming on a Budget
I Blue Heron (Masquerade Lounge)
Costuming has the potential of becoming an expensive hobby (or even career), but it doesn’t have break your budget. We will discuss where to get inexpensive (or free!) materials, DIY, and tips and tricks for taking advantage of the network, barter and trade strategy. Plus we’ll showcase our own thrifty costume creations.
With: Dorianne McCreary, Naomi Kritzer

Saturday 04:00 pm
Lyda Morehouse Interview
Room 419 (Krushenko’s)
Learn about the mind and works of our Author Guest of Honor.
With: Lyda Morehouse, Naomi Kritzer, Interviewer

Saturday 08:00 pm
The Wyrdsmiths: Twenty Years
III Eagle’s Nest (Re(a)d Mars)
GoH Lyda Morehouse is in a writers’ group that was founded in 1994. How does a critique group sustain itself for two decades?
With: Lyda Morehouse, Naomi Kritzer, mod.; Eleanor Arnason; other members if they show up. (Probably depends on how their weekend is going.)

Sunday 03:00 pm
Convoluted Quests: The Modern Writing Career
III Eagle’s Nest (Re(a)d Mars)
Book contracts, self-publishing, short fiction, editing… writing careers these days are often made up of a patchwork of options. Join GoH Lyda Morehouse and other professional writers to talk about how they’ve dealt with current publishing realities.
With: Lyda Morehouse, Naomi Kritzer, mod.; Bruce Bethke, Roy C. Booth, Michael Merriam, Kathryn Sullivan


I’m attempting a fundraiser…

My daughter Molly is part of a group of Urban 4-Hers who’ve been raising money for a trip to Washington DC since last summer: they sold water and soda at the county fair, they raked leaves, they ran a (really amazing) haunted house at Halloween, and sold nuts and other goodies.

They are getting down to the wire; they have raised $5,500 but still need $1,500. If you click over to the GoFundMe site, you’ll see a picture of the group.

To support the trip, I’m offering Tuckerizations (your name inserted into one of my stories) as well as custom-written short stories (you can pick theme, character, whatever it is you want. If you want fanfic and it’s not one of my fandoms, however, my knowledge of the fandom may be based on what I can glean from Wikipedia.) You can also get custom-written short stories or sonnets from Molly, or a Manga-style portrait of yourself.

Or, if you’re feeling really flush and have always envied Minneapolis and St. Paul for the incisive election commentary they get from yours truly every fall — you can donate $500, and I’ll do a write-up of YOUR district for the next election.

Anyone who donates $5 or more can get a copy of the sonnet Molly wrote on why haikus are a better poetic form than sonnets.

Thank you for reading and passing it along, even if you can’t donate!

Again, the fundraiser is here: