Primary Elections 2022: MN House 62A and 62B

I am running out of both time and steam but I wanted to hit these two races very quickly (even though Hodan Hasan is unopposed) because thanks to redistricting, this is extra confusing.

Hodan Hasan and Aisha Gomez are trading districts. Hodan Hasan represents 62A, but is running for re-election in 62B, and Aisha Gomez represents 62B but is running for re-election in 62A. This has thrown a lot of people for a loop (and it doesn’t help that Hodan Hasan’s campaign website still says 62A — she’s unopposed in the primary, so I’m guessing updating her campaign website has not been a priority.)

If you live in 62B, Hodan Hasan will appear on the ballot, but she’s unopposed.

If you live in 62A, your ballot will have the following two candidates:

Aisha Gomez (Incumbent, DFL-endorsed)
Osman Ahmed

I would vote for Aisha Gomez. Osman Ahmed is endorsed by Jamal Osman, who’s not one of my favorite local politicians, and by Andrea Jenkins. Aisha Gomez is endorsed by basically everyone else. Also, Osman Ahmed has the same treasurer as Don Samuels, which is not a good sign. (ETA: I asked if there was a way to look this up and there is! Don Samuels’ campaign filings; Osman Ahmed’s campaign filings.)

One of her constituents chimed in on the Twitter thread about this:

And that seems to be a pretty common sentiment: that she’s authentic, a good listener, and a good legislator. I would vote for Aisha if I lived in 62A (and for Hodan if I lived in 62B) and I hope they’re both re-elected.

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