Elections 2020: Minneapolis Ward 6 City Council. NOT A PRIMARY.

Abdi Warsame, the former Minneapolis City Council rep for Ward 6, resigned in March to lead the city’s Public Housing Authority instead. There is a special election, and on August 11th (the same day as the primary) Ward 6 residents will have their election for this open seat. They will be using ranked-choice voting so there isĀ no primary. Voters will get to rank three candidates, and the August 11th election is the actual election.

The winner will serve for one year, then (presumably) run for re-election in 2021.

There are 12 candidates on the ballot.

AK Hassan (DFL)
AJ Awed (Independent)
Michael P. Dougherty (DFL)
Mohamoud Hassan (DFL)
Nebiha Mohammed (DFL)
Suud Olat (DFL)
Jamal Osman (DFL)
Sara Mae Engberg (Humanity Forward)
Alex Palacios (DFL)
Saciido Shaie (DFL)
Joshua Scheunemann (Green)
Abdirizak Bihi (DFL)

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Minneapolis Park Board, District 3

This seat has been held by Scott Vreeland since 2006. He decided not to run again for the District 3 seat, apparently saying that he thought a person of color should have a chance at it. He ran for an at-large seat instead, but didn’t get the endorsement and dropped out.

There is no DFL endorsement for this seat; AK Hassan and Abdi Gurhan Mohamed deadlocked at the convention, 51/49.

On the ballot:

AK Hassan (DFL)
Abdi Gurhan Mohamed (DFL)
Charles Exner (Green-endorsed)

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