Election 2021: Minneapolis City Council, Ward 13

With this post, I’m done with the City Council races! Still to come: the Minneapolis Mayoral race, the Board of Estimate and Taxation, the Strong Mayor charter amendment, the Rent Stabilization charter amendment, St. Paul School board, their Rent Stabilization charter amendment, and … possibly another post on public safety? ::checks calendar:: better make this one fast, I guess.

On the ballot for Ward 13:

Linea Palmisano (incumbent, DFL, DFL endorsed)
Mike Norton (DFL)
Kati Medford (Green)
Ken Salway (Republican)
Bob Reuer (Independent)

That’s kind of a startling amount of party diversity for a Minneapolis City Council race.

tl;dr: #1 Mike Norton, #2 Kati Medford.

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