Minneapolis Park Board, District 2

District 2 is the North Minneapolis park board district. It’s been represented by Jon Olson since 2002 (so, long before I took up election blogging.) He opted not to run this year.

This race has been a hard one to research: the incumbent’s name is Jon Olson (do you haveĀ any idea how many Jon Olsons there are in Minnesota?), one challenger is named Kale Severson which gets a ton of false hits on articles about the vegetable, and the other challenger is named Mike Tate but also uses the nickname “Talley” so I have both the “common names” problem and the “person uses an alternate name part of the time” problem. (I think this article is about him? But it calls him Mat Talley throughout, so I’m not sure? Anyway.)

On the ballot:

Mike Talley Tate
Kale Severson

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