Primary Elections 2022: Minnesota Senate 63

This seat has been held by Patricia Torres Ray since 2006, but she is not running again. There are two candidates running.

Zaynab Mohamed
Todd C. Scott

Zaynab Mohamed looks great. Some specific details from her bio and platform I found particularly compelling: she helped to care for an elderly relative (before getting him into publicly-funded elder care); her education platform includes a call for sex ed that covers consent; she’s endorsed by pretty nearly every progressive politician in the metro area.

Todd C. Scott is a lawyer and has zero endorsements and a set of platform positions free from any specifics.

I would absolutely vote for Zaynab Mohamed!

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I also went looking and found two DonorsChoose fundraisers for classrooms at Bethune Community School in North Minneapolis: math manipulatives for pre-K students (this is such a good idea) and a nice book organizer for a first-grade classroom where the shelving is coming apart.